About me

I’m Michael Skarum, an independent software developer, architect and consultant.

I’ve been doing web development for the past 18 years, professionally the last 15 years. From simple static web pages in the late nineties to high traffic, highly dynamic, modern web sites today. From SOAP web services to RESTful APIs to serve as backend for mobile apps. My primary focus have always been the server side code and integration with other systems – internal and external. On the other side I’m no stranger to HTML, JavaScript and CSS and other frontend technologies.

I’m an expert C# and .Net developer with a great focus on writing maintainable code based on the SOLID principles. I’m experienced practitioner of TDD, DDD and OO programming. Aside from the pure programming disciplines I also have strong experience in operations of various Microsoft server technologies and understand how network works. I also have experience in DevOps as connection and cooperation between development and operations. In the later years I have also worked a continuous delivery and integration.

I’m strong team plyer with focus on making every project a success, both for the business and the executing teams. Working with teams I do my best to make them more productive and deliver high quality by mentoring, playing to individual team member’s strength and applying new work style and methods where appropriate. I’ll strive to make the team I’m a part of better, no matter my role in the team.

One of my key strengths have always be communication, both understanding the customer and other nontechnical stakeholders needs and discussing architecture and design with developers and operations. I’m experienced in making both high level architecture and design and describing the concrete way of implementing a feature.