May, June and July recap

@MSkarum will May, June, July come as triology? — Rasmus Foged (@rasmusfoged) August 14, 2017 3-in-1 Box set edition Today a good friend(?) of mine came with the snarky comment above, and of course put his finger at a sore point. It’s an easy thing to forget to do, but I really like these retrospectives. So, I should properly try to catch up. Leaving a client The last couple (or three) months have been a bit different than normal for me.

April recap

Not many new and exciting things happened in April, apparat from my participation in a Google Design Sprint witch I wrote a whole blog post on. As a spinoff from the Design Sprint we had a 4 day hackaton to make a new prototype. This was a very front end heavy thing, but I got to play a bit with Elastic Beanstalk and Express. Both Beanstalk and Express are typical products of AWS and the NodeJS community.

March recap

Note: Apparently this post had been sitting in my drafts folder and I never published it. So with a months delay, here is the March recap Yet another month has passed - somehow time just seems to pass right by. Anyways I dipped my toes in quite a lot of new things this month, some of them might earn some separate posts going forward. My wife Maria is starting he own business - being a mindful coach - and of course I try to help where I can.

February recap

I would like to start recapping what I’ve done the previuos month. I’m fortunate enough to have a job where I often delving into new technologies and sometimes it’s hard to remember what technologies I’ve been playing with. Terraform At Buildstuff last year I attended a session hosted by James Nugent and Paul Stack on Terraform. I was very impressed and when I got back I managed to convince my team that we should use it.